Summer time fun?

Well this Summer has been filled with a roller coaster of emotions and health concerns.

Let’s start with the visit with my neice and eventually my brother and sister-in-law coming to stay with us. The main reason for his stay was to visit my Father who was having a heart procedure and will go for another soon to hopefully clear the blockages they found.

Later that week, we went to Chicago to visit the Adler Planetarium and then my sister and brother took the kids to Tilt 360. They had fun.

The visit ended the week before 4th of July and that was ok. We went to a local festival to watch the fireworks and eat yummy food. It was very nice.

I was able to get some t-shirts made for the kids that they designed with help.

I also was able to get some scrapbook layouts completed.

These fun activities have helped keep my mind busy cuz this time of year of always very hard on me and my family. We lost my mom in June of 2015 and my husband in July 2013. These past 5 years have taught me that life is precious and we should enjoy all the times we have with family and friends.

This brings me to last week when I was in the hospital for dehydration and gall balder problems which is leading the doctors to think it’s gastrointestinal. I’m hoping they can find out what’s going on soon. I love the fact I’m losing weight being on a low fat diet but I don’t like not eating chocolate!

Anyway, that is why I’ve been MIA. I have so much to show you with the new Chalk Couture Catalog. I’m sorry I’ve had to cancel parties but now you know why.

I am feeling better and will be posting and possibly going live on FB or YT showing you what I have from Chalk Couture soon.

Take care!


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