A Whole lotta Craftin Goin On

Hello there!

I have survived my first craft show of the holiday season and it was great. My set up looked so great and I can’t thank my bf enough for making me towers to hang some of my creations.

My son and bf were my helpers that day and it was great. I made them shirts so I could look more professional. I am so lucky to have that kind of support. I received some interest and orders for items afterward too which makes me very happy. There were all sorts of different crafters with talents I wish I had. Such beautiful work all in one place. —Sewing, crocheting, cinnamon baked items, Buckets with cushy lids to sit on, t-shirts, pot holders and advent calendars, hand painted wooden tissues holders and beeswax fabric to cook or wrap food with.  You could tell these ladies love what they do too. One even had a sign asking to not take pictures of her products. I can understand that.

I am just starting out on this wild ride and it’s a lot of work but a passion of mine. If you see anything you may want to purchase, please email me at Scrappinmom73@comcast.net.

Thank you for stopping by!


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