What does Scrappy mean to you?

Hey everyone!

I have been busy working on various projects for customers and my upcoming craft show on April 6th at the Lake County Fairgrounds in CP. Can you believe it will be APRIL soon? Almost 4 months into the year and it seems like time is flying by. The weather is changing from Winter to Spring soon- it snowed yesterday so I am hoping! This change is inspiring me to think about some things in my life- one of them is why did I name my company SCRAPPY T’s Creations.


It started as a play on the word scrapbooking since I love it so much. I have been an avid scrapbooker well over 20 years. It helps me remember the precious moments in my life and my loved ones lives. I love getting the chance to create a great Layout and journaling the what, when, who of it all. I feel it is so important not only for me to remember but to whoever gets these memories once I’m gone. I have led a blessed life full of ups and downs. I want my story to be told for generations to come and for those I love to know I loved them with all my heart and I felt that they were so important in my life that their story should be told at that moment.

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with all the memories I haven’t documented. I have pages and pages of page kits needing to be put together and scrapped but I will hopefully get to it one day. Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s what the pictures are for but that’s an entry for another day. 😉

The Scrappy in Scrappy T’s now means that I am a survivor. I am now a single mom and taking care of my dad which has its challenges. There are days where I need to be scrappy-bold when having to make decisions for my family and there are days where I have to scrappy-fiscally savvy and try to get through life frugally-which as a crafter can be challenging at times.

I am trying to start this tiny little business of mine and it’s hard. I don’t know what I’m doing most days and I think I should give up the other days but it fills me with joy to create something someone loves. It’s fun to design and create something from nothing and that is scrappy too.

So I will live this Scrappy life the best way I can. I am grateful for the opportunities to be creative and I look forward to each and every project I can create. I hope you can find and embrace the Scrappy side of you.


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