Spring is here

Hello Crafty Peeps!

I have been a busy bee with different projects going on. My son, Manuel and I attended the Spring Jam Craft show. We made different items

Unfortunately, it was not a good turn out and we decided not to return to this venue again. We will try others and see which venues will be most profitable but the silver lining in this story is now we have product for other shows which we will be participating throughout the year. In May, we have a show with the Local Fire Dept Aux. as a fundraiser for them. We also will be participating in another craft show in July and one in December.

I did run a Flash Sale on my facebook page for the Easter items and some sold which is great.

My oldest turned 19! I can’t believe it. I have a 19 year old. WHAT?! I am so thankful and blessed but feel like time has gone much too quickly. It seems like I blink and another years flies by. He wanted to have dinner at his favorite restaurant and we did. He loved it.

Easter was fun. We decorated eggs on Good Friday and spent Easter Sunday together.



I made this Strawberry Trifle and the recipe is from All Recipes- I highly recommend it. It won’t let me link to this so search it out on their site and it’s the first one that says plainly-Strawberry Trifle. I made my own sweetened whipped cream instead of cool whip and I grated semi-sweet chocolate flakes on it. Everyone loved it and I will be making it again.


These are some of the standards we usually have for holiday dinners like the deviled eggs. I made them with bacon bits and they didn’t go over so well. I also made a taco dip and shrimp and cream cheese dip too along with ham rolls.


I made these the night before with the help of Maymay. Here is the youtube video, https://youtu.be/gkDCDcrr2mE. She makes projects simple and easy and many times without big tools. This project was simple thank goodness. Lots of festive fun!

The weather is changing here in NW Indiana. With the warmer weather brings allergy season and mine are awful! I am hoping to not get a cold with the changing weather. I hate my allergies but it could always be worse I suppose…

I did do a Chalk Couture live and made this


and I made this for my dad


So it has been a productive April and I hope my allergies will go away soon and let me breathe in peace.

What have you done this Spring season? Reach out and drop me a line on what’s new in your world. I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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