Haters gonna Hate :(

Yesterday my son and I went to a local craft show and it was not good and not because we didn’t even make our booth money back.

It was because-for the first time- we saw the uglyness of humankind in that setting.

When people would approach our booth, some of the things heard were:

“That’s cute” and when walking away…”we can make something like that.”

“I’m not paying that much for that”

“Everyone has a cricut now” while touching one of the onesies I made and walking away.

This is the first time I’ve heard these things. Other craft show attendees usually are more polite and either keep their opinions to themselves or wait until out of ear shot before trashing. I know some crafters go to craft shows for “inspiration”. I would hope that they were not the ones who were rude.

Of course this is discouraging and we were warned from the craft show not to be rude and but they didn’t warn us about the customers being rude.

All in all, a sad experience and I will not be signing up next year for this location. I do need to develop a thick skin and usually I would shrug it off but I was with my people-Other local handmade crafters and no vendors so I thought people knew what they were coming to buy. Turns out it was Bitchy day in Schererville.

I will not let this opportunity spoil the bunch and will be attending more craft shows in the future.  I hope people will use their manners next time and like Flower said in “Bambi” -If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Summer is coming to an end and school time is near. I hope the weather will not be as blazing hot as it has been so we can enjoy these final days.

Scrappy Happy!




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