Fall is here

It feels more like winter but Fall weather has come and it is blustery and cool. We have been a busy family with school activities like Cross Country meets and Homecoming. A good time was had by all and I am glad we are heading into the holidays.

Of course, since it’s that time of the year, that means the holidays are coming around. I love this time of year but it also means the end of the year is near too. It went by too fast and I have been trying to organize my crafty life. I decided to join the Totally Tiffany Get Organized Challenge and have purchased some items from HSN to help me with my sticker collection. I have quite the collection from 25 years scrappin and card making. One of the things she recommends is making a journal for your daily- What Did You Do Today (WDYDT)- to help you reach your organizational goals. It has helped and I am currently cataloging my items, ordering pictures and realizing how far I am behind in my scrappin. I have been working on school pics first because that album is way behind and I was lucky enough to go away for a weekend to work on the other page kits I made ahead so now I am feeling good where I’m at and want to continue organizing.

Creatively, it’s been busy too. I was asked to make outfits for a new baby announcement and was so honored and thrilled to make these.


Then a friend asked that I make her hubby a Football birthday shirt.


I was asked to make some more items including a sweatshirt.


When my cousin invites me for a scrappin weekend away, I try to make her something crafty. Lately, it been t-shirts since I have made her one in the past along with a personalized canvas bag that I made the year before.

Screenshot 2019-10-16 10.08.35

We had a great time catching up while being creative. I look forward to these trips and can’t wait to go again. I realized while organizing that I am far behind in showcasing the monthly Stamplistic Stamp kits I have receive. Here is the video I posted on You-Tube. I am loving the stamps and dies from them. There are two more videos I will be posting soon on September and October’s kits so be on the look out for those.


Recently, I was inspired to make a shirt near and dear to my heart. I posted it on Facebook and received many compliments on it. My intention was to just put it out there cuz it’s been weighing heavy on me. My life has been touched by suicide and the people who have left were close to me. We all struggle in life and I wanted people to feel like they are not alone. I was contemplating on whether to make this a sellable item and then sending the proceeds to a suicide prevention center but that’s a huge commitment and I don’t want it to seem like I’m profiting from my pain. This shirt was made for me and maybe a few I know who are suicide survivors. This design was worked on over and over again. I love butterflies and had to incorporate it within this concept.

Time to get ready to take my dad to the VA today. Hoping you are having a good Fall Y’all!


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