Organization is Key

Hey there my crafty peeps!

I hope your 2020 has been going good so far. I survived the holidays blessed with so many thoughtful gifts and well wishes. I was so busy this season with orders and thankful for each one of them.

Every year I hear about adopting a new word for the year. A single word mantra to spark something inside so we can motivate ourselves- an encouraging word to fuel our drive to change. Mine this year is Organization.

As I started to realize that this was a new decade not just a new year. I was so upset what the 2010’s were like for me. I lost so many close loved ones. I had to change my life because it and while going through the motions of change and get through all the grief, I’ve become so disorganized.

Grief is a unrelenting beast and trying to move forward with my life with the day to day, I was making it harder on me to find and be proud of all I’ve accomplished by just tossing things here and there. I stored things away because it was too hard to deal with or I was too busy to deal with at the time or because I simply didn’t know where else to put it.

I now realize that I need to focus making this house a home. Finally, I can go through all the baggage that I have around and let some of it go. I find myself crying but pushing forward knowing this is the best thing for now and feeling so good when it’s finally organized and I can get to my items easier.

This life is short and I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Crafting has been my therapy and I have started organizing my craft room even more and found stickers I have had for more than 20 years. I am purging some items but I smile at the oldie but goodie stickers and remember why I purchased them in the first place. I want to rearrange the room since my crafting needs have changed.

I am excited for the upcoming year. My hope is to bring some peace into my life and be even more creative in this new year. What’s your word of the year? I would love to hear how you want to change in 2020.

Thanks for stopping by!

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