Organization is Key

Hey there my crafty peeps!

I hope your 2020 has been going good so far. I survived the holidays blessed with so many thoughtful gifts and well wishes. I was so busy this season with orders and thankful for each one of them.

Every year I hear about adopting a new word for the year. A single word mantra to spark something inside so we can motivate ourselves- an encouraging word to fuel our drive to change. Mine this year is Organization.

As I started to realize that this was a new decade not just a new year. I was so upset what the 2010’s were like for me. I lost so many close loved ones. I had to change my life because it and while going through the motions of change and get through all the grief, I’ve become so disorganized.

Grief is a unrelenting beast and trying to move forward with my life with the day to day, I was making it harder on me to find and be proud of all I’ve accomplished by just tossing things here and there. I stored things away because it was too hard to deal with or I was too busy to deal with at the time or because I simply didn’t know where else to put it.

I now realize that I need to focus making this house a home. Finally, I can go through all the baggage that I have around and let some of it go. I find myself crying but pushing forward knowing this is the best thing for now and feeling so good when it’s finally organized and I can get to my items easier.

This life is short and I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Crafting has been my therapy and I have started organizing my craft room even more and found stickers I have had for more than 20 years. I am purging some items but I smile at the oldie but goodie stickers and remember why I purchased them in the first place. I want to rearrange the room since my crafting needs have changed.

I am excited for the upcoming year. My hope is to bring some peace into my life and be even more creative in this new year. What’s your word of the year? I would love to hear how you want to change in 2020.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Holidays are here!

Winter came quickly here in Indiana and with it many fun projects were asked to be created.

This Holly Jolly Santa’s Hug gift card holder is an inspiration from You-Tuber Melody Lane. She provides files for her Patreons and I was lucky enough to save this and make some for this holiday season. I also customized an envelope for it using Martha Stewart card stock.

This creation was inspired by another You-Tube Crafter, Maymay Helms. She used stamps, pigment ink and colored pencils to make Christmas ornaments. I wanted to try to make one for my daughter who loves Friends using the One with A Friend stamp set by Kindred Stamps. I didn’t use a juicy enough ink pad (should use pigment ink) to get a clear image and used the color pencils and some Nuvo drops to help make things sparkle and give some depth. Will try to make another soon. The Merry Christmas stamp is from Close to my Heart set.

This was a shocker! I have been a Patreon for almost a year now and I really enjoy Melody’s files. She holds giveaways and weekly tutorials on Design Space. She is such a positive person and loves to help those who love to craft with Cricut. Click here to check her out. I was so excited when she was making this large daisy and I had to make it with her. From there I made another and so on. I want to be able to master these and other flowers. I would love to decorate a room with these and the ultimate goal is to make a backdrop with various flowers for parties.

I had a Black Friday Sale this past week to sell some of my in-stock items. I slashed prices to 50% off. You can check it out at

Currently, there are orders to be made and I am blessed with work. I am truly lucky to get create items people want and happy to design.

Hope your holiday season is merry and Bright!


Fall is here

It feels more like winter but Fall weather has come and it is blustery and cool. We have been a busy family with school activities like Cross Country meets and Homecoming. A good time was had by all and I am glad we are heading into the holidays.

Of course, since it’s that time of the year, that means the holidays are coming around. I love this time of year but it also means the end of the year is near too. It went by too fast and I have been trying to organize my crafty life. I decided to join the Totally Tiffany Get Organized Challenge and have purchased some items from HSN to help me with my sticker collection. I have quite the collection from 25 years scrappin and card making. One of the things she recommends is making a journal for your daily- What Did You Do Today (WDYDT)- to help you reach your organizational goals. It has helped and I am currently cataloging my items, ordering pictures and realizing how far I am behind in my scrappin. I have been working on school pics first because that album is way behind and I was lucky enough to go away for a weekend to work on the other page kits I made ahead so now I am feeling good where I’m at and want to continue organizing.

Creatively, it’s been busy too. I was asked to make outfits for a new baby announcement and was so honored and thrilled to make these.


Then a friend asked that I make her hubby a Football birthday shirt.


I was asked to make some more items including a sweatshirt.


When my cousin invites me for a scrappin weekend away, I try to make her something crafty. Lately, it been t-shirts since I have made her one in the past along with a personalized canvas bag that I made the year before.

Screenshot 2019-10-16 10.08.35

We had a great time catching up while being creative. I look forward to these trips and can’t wait to go again. I realized while organizing that I am far behind in showcasing the monthly Stamplistic Stamp kits I have receive. Here is the video I posted on You-Tube. I am loving the stamps and dies from them. There are two more videos I will be posting soon on September and October’s kits so be on the look out for those.


Recently, I was inspired to make a shirt near and dear to my heart. I posted it on Facebook and received many compliments on it. My intention was to just put it out there cuz it’s been weighing heavy on me. My life has been touched by suicide and the people who have left were close to me. We all struggle in life and I wanted people to feel like they are not alone. I was contemplating on whether to make this a sellable item and then sending the proceeds to a suicide prevention center but that’s a huge commitment and I don’t want it to seem like I’m profiting from my pain. This shirt was made for me and maybe a few I know who are suicide survivors. This design was worked on over and over again. I love butterflies and had to incorporate it within this concept.

Time to get ready to take my dad to the VA today. Hoping you are having a good Fall Y’all!


What a month!

It has been a while since I’ve posted. We have been busy getting ready for school and getting into a routine for this life. I have been busy creating and purchasing with an annual trip to the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo held in Schaumburg, IL. So many wonderful things have happened over these past weeks. This will be a look back at the highlights both personal and crafty.

Let’s start with the Lake County Fair- that was fun for us and next year I am hoping to have an entry there for scrapbooking of course. ;0. Here’s some pics from that.

Can you imagine how many pies you can make with this big pumpkin? This fair always happens right before the start of school. New school for all involved. High School and Middle school. Say it ain’t so but I’m afraid it is. They are getting used to the routine and I am hoping for good things this year.

The Scrapbook expo is my favorite time of the year. My cousin Gina, Aunt Jane and our good friend Bridgette made the trip this year and we got some awesome things. Here’s a video showing some items. I did have to cut off Bob Ross stamps which I will post on another video or post.

So with all these goodies, organization is key so when HSN Craft day came around, I snagged the Totally Tiffany Rolling Cart. I have been playing and organizing all my papers I have and also made Page kits to scrapbook. This has inspired me to get organize so I can play more.

I also was asked to make some onesies and t-shirts which was great

and I also made myself one to cheer on my Neice. Can you tell she likes it?

Was also asked by a friend to put her son’s name and football jersey number on a sweatshirt cuz it’s that time of the year. I also made her a bag for all the things she might need to take to the game or practices.

It makes me feel so good when people like what I make. That’s why I love what I do and so blessed I can make projects people like.

Busy but a fun month for us here in Indiana. Looking forward to the fall and apple picking season with a visit to County Line Apple Orchard.

Wishing you a wonderful end of Summer and Happy Labor Day!



Haters gonna Hate :(

Yesterday my son and I went to a local craft show and it was not good and not because we didn’t even make our booth money back.

It was because-for the first time- we saw the uglyness of humankind in that setting.

When people would approach our booth, some of the things heard were:

“That’s cute” and when walking away…”we can make something like that.”

“I’m not paying that much for that”

“Everyone has a cricut now” while touching one of the onesies I made and walking away.

This is the first time I’ve heard these things. Other craft show attendees usually are more polite and either keep their opinions to themselves or wait until out of ear shot before trashing. I know some crafters go to craft shows for “inspiration”. I would hope that they were not the ones who were rude.

Of course this is discouraging and we were warned from the craft show not to be rude and but they didn’t warn us about the customers being rude.

All in all, a sad experience and I will not be signing up next year for this location. I do need to develop a thick skin and usually I would shrug it off but I was with my people-Other local handmade crafters and no vendors so I thought people knew what they were coming to buy. Turns out it was Bitchy day in Schererville.

I will not let this opportunity spoil the bunch and will be attending more craft shows in the future.  I hope people will use their manners next time and like Flower said in “Bambi” -If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Summer is coming to an end and school time is near. I hope the weather will not be as blazing hot as it has been so we can enjoy these final days.

Scrappy Happy!